Transform your webshop into a mobile app and enjoy the limitless possibilities of digital sales!

  • Reduces customer fluctuation

  • Establishes a loyal customer base

  • You reduce advertising costs

  • You become less dependent on advertisements

  • You can send push notifications to your customers

  • Your webshop settings appear in "Real time"

  • Compatible with any framework

  • No development costs thanks to our flat monthly fee model

It will cost you only $197/$297 per month (depending on the chosen package). The first monthly fee is $497, with a 30-day fulfillment guarantee.

Customer Loyalty Circle

With the app, you can establish a loyalty customer base, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

Push Notifications

Never lands in the spam folder, guarantees 100% reach, with an opening rate ten times higher than that of newsletters.

No Parallel Platform Usage

Any changes you make in your webshop are immediately reflected in the mobile application.



Your webshop settings instantly appear in "real time" in the mobile app

  • Your own App Store and Google Play account

  • Mobile app with custom branding

  • Unlimited number of downloads

  • Unlimited number of Push notification campaigns

*Live store URL required



Everything in the standard plus+

  • Automated product recommendation push notifications

  • Automated category recommendation push notifications

  • Automated abandoned cart push notifications

  • Automated product review request push notifications

  • Sales Metrics - Google Analytics 4

*Live store URL required



Build your ecommerce store from the ground with Sales Innovo.

  • Visual page builder

  • Marketing automations and workflows

  • CRM and order management

  • Built-in customer support module

  • Tracking codes

  • Products and inventory management

  • Invoicing

  • Mobile app (smart)

*Mobile app can be created only after the store steup.

What are the benefits of having a mobile app for your webshop?

  • The most important advantage of a mobile application is that it results lower customer fluctuation and a larger loyal customer base.

  • Using a mobile app for your webshop also allows customers to instantly access your webshop and information. This strengthens your direct human traffic, which, as we know, has the highest conversion rate among visitors.

  • Push notifications: such notifications allow you to communicate directly with customers so they don't miss out on any offer or promotion. The open rate for push notifications is 10x compared to newsletter open rates.

  • Mobile apps help reduce advertising costs. Since apps provide direct contact with customers, there's much less need for high-cost ads, such as Google Ads or Facebook ads.

That's why you can't miss out on mobile apps if you're running an online business...

How much does a mobile app cost elsewhere?

The cost of mobile app development largely depends on the type and functionality of the app you want. The price of an average mobile app developed for both platforms (Android and iOS) can be around several thousands to few tens of thousands of dollars, but this amount can vary depending on design, testing, and management tasks. Our monthly subscription model offers a more cost-effective solution!

Mobile applications were previously available only with high development costs, often reaching tens of thousands of dollars, accompanied by cumbersome development processes, testing, and high unexpected expenses.

That's the past. Thanks to our monthly subscription solution, it has never been easier to turn your webshop into its own mobile application.

How much does it cost with us?

For you, it's just a cost of 197 USD/297 USD per month (depending on the chosen package).

The first installment is a net 497 USD, which covers all the additional costs associated with developments. After that, for the usual monthly fee, you get all the benefits of the mobile app.

It has never been this simple, fast, and efficient to launch your own application!

Let's review the benefits you can gain by ordering a mobile app for your webshop:

  • You reduce customer fluctuation.

  • You can establish a loyal customer base.

  • You reduce advertising costs.

  • You become less dependent on advertisements.

  • Real-time notifications for your customers.

  • Your webshop settings appear instantly in "Real time" on the mobile app (product uploads, banner replacements, new functions, etc.).

  • Compatible with any framework.

Almost done...

How can your webshop become a mobile app?

  • Order the service by selecting one of the packages below.

  • Our colleague will contact you within 1 business day and request the URL of your webshop.

  • Within 30 calendar days, we will create the mobile application for both Android and iOS operating systems.

  • We will upload your completed app to Google Play and the App Store.

  • Enjoy the innovative opportunities provided by the mobile app on Android and iOS devices.

By ordering the service, you accept our General Terms and Conditions.

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